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Diamonds are characterised by a high stability of value with large increase in value potential.

Diamonds are the smallest and most valuable financial investment in the world, and thousand times rarer than gold.

As a financial investment only very high-quality diamonds / brilliants are generating the value as high worth investment. Diamonds can preserve capital over a long period and offer the chance to long-term capital gains. Currently investors are focusing for investments with low speculative character and long-term value.

A large advantage of the polished diamond market: There are no speculators, like Hedgefonds.

Polished diamonds / Brillants are suitable for diversification of financial investments in the segment of commodity assets, for example as alternative or addition of the classical precious metal investment or like Real Estate. Financial investment in diamonds is outstanding mobility score:

Polished diamonds are a few tenth gram, measured in Carat, compressed already a substantial value and fits into each safe-deposit box.

  • Low inflation
  • Value of 5 Carat Brilliant = 1 Gramm equal to value of 20 kg Gold
  • Easy to move / easy to re-sale
  • Increase demand / save investment
  • Crisis proof / cisis currency
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